Dropbox doesn’t work with Big Sur

Dropbox doesn’t work with Big Sur

UPDATE – Dropbox have published a fix.

Dropbox dropped a beta version build 101.3.422 Friday, June 26, 2020 which I’m happy to confirm now addresses the problem. You can download the update here

Last night Apple revealed the new iOS14 for iphone, the new ipadOS for iPad and its new Mac OS “Big Sur”. I should point out these are developer releases and not public facing releases. I’ve upgraded all of my devices. Dropbox still works with iOS and iPadOS but I can report that it doesn’t currently work with Big Sur. This is my exchange with the customer support team at Dropbox.

Mark, Jun 23, 2020, 8:18 AM PDT:

Chat transcript:
( 14:53:20 ) Visitor: Hello. I have upgraded my Mac to Big Sur, Apple’s new operating system. The dropbox application is no longer in the tray and why I try to launch it it fails to launch. Dialogue box says “The application ‘dropbox’ can’t be opened. 6” OK.
( 14:53:28 ) Visitor: Do you have known issues?
( 14:53:49 ) Cyrus: Hello Mark and thank you for contacting Dropbox Support, my name is Cyrus, and I will be assisting with your Dropbox app startup issue right away.
( 14:54:00 ) Cyrus: That’s interesting… Could you please send over a screenshot of that message? I’ll open up a file request for you.
( 14:56:46 ) Visitor: Trying to get a screenshot to upload. BE RIGHT BACK
( 14:56:56 ) Cyrus: Sure thing. Standing byu
( 14:56:58 ) Cyrus: by*
( 14:58:14 ) Visitor: Hum… dragging the screenshot image to this chat box fails and there is no + button to upload with. Do you have an email address?
( 14:58:31 ) Cyrus: I’ll reopen that file request for you.
( 14:58:47 ) Visitor: File: https://www.snapengage.com/fileuploads/snapabug-hr-fileuploads/74ae0953-fef9-4e4f-a91d-6546013ac1fc/d0f2defc-7e9d-4181-901e-03b14fc98f17_Screenshot_2020-06-23_at_15.57.16.png
( 14:59:01 ) Visitor: Thanks. That worked!
( 14:59:13 ) Cyrus: Beautiful! Now… let me check
( 15:00:06 ) Cyrus: OK thanks for that. Please give me a moment to investigate this, and I’ll be right with you
( 15:00:12 ) Visitor: np
( 15:01:19 ) Visitor: FYI. This error is on my imac. I’ve just replicated it on my macbook pro
( 15:02:00 ) Cyrus: So — this is on both computers with Big Sur on them?
( 15:02:08 ) Visitor: yes
( 15:02:45 ) Visitor: my ipad pro has also been updated, but the app in ipadOS seems to be working ok
( 15:03:48 ) Visitor: I’ve just tested on my iphone running iOS 14 and that’s ok too. Seems to be isolated to Big Sur
( 15:04:32 ) Cyrus: OK thanks for holding on Mark
( 15:05:01 ) Cyrus: It seems that due to the fact that Big Sur is in Beta currently, it’s an unsupported OS on our side, and this is why it won’t open
( 15:05:35 ) Visitor: Marvelous! Well thank goodness I didn’t upgrade to Dropbox for business!
( 15:05:57 ) Visitor: Do you have a timeframe for resolution?
( 15:06:54 ) Cyrus: That’s a good question… There’s no timeframe yet, as our engineers can work on a new compatible version of the app, only when the OS is on a Stable release
( 15:08:12 ) Visitor: Thanks for your time Cyrus.
( 15:09:07 ) Cyrus: You’re more than welcome! Is there anything else I can do for you today?
( 15:09:43 ) Visitor: No. Thanks. I’ll sit here biting my nails until I’m able to sync files again ;-o
( 15:11:15 ) Cyrus: Hmm.. Tell you what, I’ll go ahead and mark this case down as feedback, which will alert the development team that this already has started happening
( 15:11:37 ) Cyrus: Maybe that’ll facilitate an early fix at some point, maybe not, but it’s worth a shot!
( 15:12:43 ) Visitor: Again thanks. I’m a pro subscriber and have been for years. I use the dropbox environment all day every day as, amongst other things a backup solution for my files. For me this is business critical.
( 15:13:48 ) Cyrus: It’s my pleasure, and let’s hope for a speedy resolution to this then. I’ll send you a summary of what we discussed by email. Please feel free to reply to this email at any time if you have any further questions.
( 15:14:17 ) Cyrus: In the meantime we would love to hear how easy it was for you to receive the help you needed via the following one-click rating, after I close the chat.

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