My new 2020 iPad Pro

My new 2020 iPad Pro

A couple of weeks ago I ordered the new iPad Pro in the wider 12.9 inch size. I’ve been an iPad owner since the first one came out and I’ve used it pretty much daily ever since. In a professional environment i use it often for taking and reviewing notes. In a personal capacity I use it a lot for reading news, mostly through the flipboard platform, and whilst travelling, which I do, or at least pre Covid-19, did a lot of for watching netflix or TV in an evening. The 2020 4th generation is clearly quicker than my prior iPad Pro. despite both my older one and the 2020 version both being sold as 12.9 inch, the 2020 model is smaller in physical dimension whilst the screen real estate is the same size. I have to say I love the feel speed and overall ergonomics of the 2020 one which feels in the hand a more “Pro” product.

iPad Pro on Magic Keyboard

About a week after ordering the iPad I decided that I also wanted the Magic Keyboard. It’s much more expensive than other non Apple branded products but it has two killer features that I know I’d permanently regret not having, being the trackpad and the external port allowing me to charge other devices off of it. The trackpad gives full cursor control and this week Microsoft released trackpad support across it’s range of 365 products with the notable exception of Excel, but that’ll come, and this makes the iPad pretty much a laptop replacement in the professional environment, particularly for meetings where I’m already a power user in terms of note taking and file referencing, which the iPad’s split screen view facilitates commendably.

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