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Today was a pretty epic day

I started the day, as I do with an early morning wake. Met with the bank and agreed a refresh of my client’s facility and then terminated in another meeting a major customers contract which is actually losing my client money. My activity is mostly around maximising my clients ability to generate EBITDA which, unsurprisingly is a common request from my clients. It’s been a few months now that I’ve been acting for this particular client and We’ve made some startling and particular inroads into growing profitability, but this remains a tight challenge. It’s one I’m enjoying and we’re making progress, albeit it slower than we’d ideally like but the progress is steady and sustainable. In personal news I’ve asked a local horticulturist to quote me for dealing with my lawns which, whilst I’d love to deal with them myself is proving impossible with my professional time commitments. My weekend has been disrupted with the revelation that one of my guests, under eighteen is not permitted to attend an event I’d booked, so I, one other adult and the pubescent teen have withdrawn both our attendance and our dollar from the event. It’s a shame because all three of us would have enjoyed and partaken in the local economic participation of the event if it were not for such a rigid interpretation of the term adult. The non adult amongst us being more adult than most of my supposedly “adult” circle. In any event, the week progresses, the weekend will shortly be upon us and we shall have an continued epic time.

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